Guided Tours in Romania
  1. We have rewarding tours specially designed for history buffs in search for places with appealing stories; we have marvelous tours for travelers who enjoy a drive through the countryside; we have exciting, full of action tours for curious and adventurous explorers; we have interactive tours for people wanting to savor Romanian lifestyle. We have (or we can design) the perfect tour for you!

Roads Less Traveled - 6-Day Private Tour of Southern & South-Western Part of Romania 

From € 900/person (€ 150/person/day)*

Jaw-Dropping Road Trip in Romania - 4-Day Private Tour from Bucharest 

From € 600/person (€ 150/person/day)*

Tours of Transylvania - 4 to 14 Day Private Tours in Transylvania 

From € 600/person (€ 150/person/day)*

Tours of Romania - 11 to 18 Day Private Tours all over Romania 

From € 1650/person (€ 150/person/day)*

Family Tours price on request*

*According to your party size, tour duration & itinerary length, attractions & sites included, hotel category, meals included
*At Tours in Romania, we don't do shared tours, we only do private tours in Bucharest and Romania, so the price is influenced only by the size of your group. If you'd like to tour Bucharest or Romania together with a bunch of strangers, each one with his own agenda, pace and good or bad habits, there are plenty of other travel agents out there happy to accommodate you.
*At Tours in Romania, we don't do free tours, we only do private tours of Bucharest and Romania at a fair price. With Tours in Romania you can enjoy the comfort of an air conditioned vehicle, while visiting many more attractions than during a free walking tour of Bucharest.
Anyway, a private tour of Bucharest or Romania doesn't necessarily mean an expensive tour. Please take a moment to review our prices. You'll find private tours of Bucharest and Romania and day trips from Bucharest at the price of a shared tour or cheaper!